Flaming Doctor Pepper


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Layer the two spirits in the shot glass, with the high-proof liquor on top. Light the shot and allow it to burn; then extinguish it by dropping it into the beer glass.


A Flaming Doctor Pepper is a flaming cocktail with taste similar to the soft drink Dr Pepper, despite Dr Pepper not being one of its ingredients. It was invented at the Ptarmigan Club in Bryan, Texas (located near Texas A&M University).

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Flaming Doctor Pepper origin story

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Información nutricional

Calorías Grasa total Sodio Carbohidratos Azúcares Proteína
Amaretto 20,4 0,0 0,0 2,1 2,1 0,0
Cerveza ? ? ? ? ? ?
Espíritu rectificado ? ? ? ? ? ?
Total 20,4 0,0 0,0 2,1 2,1 0,0

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