Blow My Skull



盎司 毫升
玻璃: Punch bowl





结合成分 在装满冰块的冷冻 Punch bowl 玻璃杯中搅拌,直到饮料充分冷却。

Blow My Skull 起源故事

The drink was invented by Lieutenant Governor Thomas Davey of Tasmania, who was known for being a heavy drinker. The drink's "official" name has varied opinion. Some refer to Davey inventing it with the name "Blow My Skull", closely referring to the material found in The English and Australian Cookery Book. Others claim it was Davey inventing it as the "Blow My Skull Off". Unless the varying names were frequently conflated, for the latter claim to be true would mean that Lt. Governor Thomas Davey invented a drink containing opium and toxic plants that he served at barbeques he frequently held in a wattle hut erected a few miles outside of the capital.

The version containing opium was a popular drink among gold miners in Australia in the 1850s.

The "Blow My Skull Off" has been characterized as probably being "the most famous cocktail created in Australia". Cocktail historian Sebastian Raeburn has stated that Melbourne was "one of the great cocktail centres of the world."

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