Cobra's Fang


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Copo: Highball



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Combine os ingredientes em um liquidificador e bata por 15-30 segundos. Coe a bebida no copo Highball gelado. Enfeite com o/a Rodela de limão taiti, e o/a Menta.


The Cobra's Fang is a vintage tiki cocktail invented by Donn Beach that calls for a mixture of rums along with fassionola and falernum syrups, the juice of orange and limes, and a dash each of bitters and grenadine. The recipe from the book Hawai'i: Tropical Rum Drinks & Cuisine By Don the Beaschcomber calls for it being garnished with fresh mint and a lime wheel, although a length of spiral cut lime peel made to look like a snake is used for aesthetics in some cobra named cocktails.

Eponymous mug

As served in the early days of the Beachcomber restaurants, the Cobra's Fang was presented in a tall curved glass. Because some later drink menus from other restaurants showed the Cobra's Fang in a special snake shaped Tiki mug, there is debate over whether such a historical mug truly existed. Regardless, modern manufacturing of a replica for such a mug has taken place.


Estória de origem de Cobra's Fang

The Cobra's Fang was one of many drinks with theatrical names placed onto "The Beachcomber"'s menus, going along with the likes of the Shark's Tooth and Nelson's Blood and meant to evoke a sense of faux-danger as part of the exotic tropical mood he set for his bars. As shown on a 1941 Don the Beachcomber drink menu the Cobra's Fang cost $1 and was served in a tall curved glass.

Some feel the use of fassionola syrup was particularly important to the drink, which Beach may have brought along with him from his youth in New Orleans. Some claim fassionola was invented by Beach. Others believe that is unclear.

Primeira aparição em Hawai'i: Tropical Rum Drinks & Cuisine By Don the Beaschcomber por Donn Beach

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Informação Nutricional

Calorias Gordura Total Sódio Carboidratos Açúcar Proteína
Dark jamaican rum ? ? ? ? ? ?
Demerara rum overproof 151 ? ? ? ? ? ?
Falernum ? ? ? ? ? ?
Angostura Bitters ? ? ? ? ? ?
Fassionola ? ? ? ? ? ?
Xarope de granadina ? ? ? ? ? ?
Suco de limão taiti 3,8 0,0 0,3 1,3 0,3 0,1
Suco de laranja 6,8 0,0 0,2 1,6 1,3 0,1
Total 10,5 0,0 0,5 2,8 1,5 0,2

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